Dr. Mansi Munshi Girme

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Mansi Munshi Girme is a Radiation Oncologist and a Cancer Genetic Specialist. After completing her MBBS from Pune, she went on to study M.D in Radiation Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. During her tenure at TMH, she also trained in Clinical Cancer Genetics at the Sarin Lab (ACTREC).
Dr. Mansi is in charge of the Cancer Genetic Clinic at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. Risk evaluation for patients suspected or known to have hereditary cancer syndromes, pre and post-genetic test counselling as well as guidance on risk reduction management are provided here.
She was the recipient of Gold Medal for MBBS, Agarwal Gold Medal at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, 2016 as well as the Gold Medal for Radiation Oncology from Homi Bhaba National University. Dr. Mansi Munshi Girme also works as a full-time Senior Registrar in the Radiation Oncology Department at Ruby Hall Clinic.Her career goals include exceptional doctor-patient communication and working with a comprehensive and pragmatic approach while focusing on evidence based medicine.