Just one year after marriage, we were shocked with the disease detected for my wife “Brain Tumor”. We looked at the future, where it is difficult to find our own shadow with us, then we looked at each other. We held our hands together & promised, instead of waiting to die, we will live “Journey of Life”. During our journey, we were greatly supported by Dr. Ashok Bhanage & team, staff from Ruby Hall Clinic. We are thankful to them for making this journey comfortable, joyful even in the pain & at the end very humanitarian. You must be thinking that despite of my wife suffering from brain cancer stage-IV, why am I still calling this as “Journey of Life”? Yes, because we believed in that. We lived every moment of life since detected 6 years back in 2011.
We visited Dr. Bhanage’s clinic which has very nice interiors & a lot of things close to nature where along with Dr. Bhanage sir’s nice sense of humor you can forget all your pain of life. After seeing reports immediately, he referred us to Ruby Hall for further treatment. From there our association with Ruby Hall started & continued until the end.

In July 2011, biopsy done by Dr. Bhanage revealed that my wife had cancer grade-II stage. Further line of treatment was done at Ruby hall. Like there is always light at the end of every tunnel, after this episode, she recovered well & we started living “happy married life”. She started her job again. In August 2014, she gave life to my lovely little champ “Prathmesh”. In Oct 2015, follow up MRI confirmed ‘recurrence of tumor’. Emergency surgery was immediately scheduled. Subsequent tests, however, showed that the cancer was “Stage 4”. We had full faith in doctors who were giving treatment hence created special bonding to believe that “yes” everything will be all right. Especially Dr. Bhanage as usual while keeping one eye on her disease, he was mentoring us to live with strength, positivity & extending all kind of physical & mental support like we are his family members only. He always talks about things other than her disease & keeping her busy in laughing by kidding with us. We had no worries left.

We loved each other very much, and we lived together for six years. She was smart, funny and courageous. She was loving and loyal to her family and friends. She is still helping others after dying as she donated her life (organs) to needy people.