Some friends recommended Ruby Hall cause according to them it’s one of the most well equipped hospitals using the latest technology and our Family doctor- Dr. Uday Andar from Mumbai reffered Dr.Bhanage to us.

It was horrendous when we came to know that my mother had this serious ailment. And the thought that it’ll be a long tough journey with doctors and hospital got me jittery. But with the way the whole situation was handled by Dr.Bhanage and team (Dr.Rahul Sharma, Dr.Pragati, Dr.Shoaib) was incredible. The process right from the line of treatment (solving every query of ours at all times), hospitalization (No waiting in lobbies for a room coz it was already allotted), specific strict instructions to nurses (how and where to put the IV was taken care of with complete care…).
The entire doctor team that handled my Mom so well, makes me speechless- the warmth, the care that was given to her made her feel so special and above all, inspite of having such a serious ailment, they made her feel like it’s just another illness and have always left her with a smile on her face. And even now when we visit the hospital for her Radiation even the smallest of a problem is addressed with utmost priority.

Our experience, with both the Hospital and doctors, was good. The moment we entered the gates to the time we left was extremely professional and systematic. The way we were treated by all staff at the SR building and the Oncology department- the ward boys, Sub-staff, security, Nurses was incomparable. Always wishing, smiling, and checking constantly on the patient…
Not to miss a very High level of hygiene was maintained at all times in most areas.