Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in males all over the world. The average incidence of prostate cancer in India is around 8- 10 per 100000 per year which is very low as compared to western world. The incidence of prostate cancer is increasing in India. Almost 80 – 85% of these cases are diagnosed in advance stages because of lack of awareness regarding prostate cancer. The most common symptoms of prostate cancers are difficulty in urination, thin stream of urine, sense of incomplete urination, blood in urine. Many of these symptoms are confused with age related prostatic enlargement which is called Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). The age group of 65+ is most commonly affected however with increasing risk factors like family history of prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, smoking it can happen in relative early age group. The diagnosis of prostate cancer can be made by one of the best cancer hospitals in Pune, Ruby Hall Clinic Cancer Centre with the help of Serum Prostate specific antigen (PSA, a blood test), trans-rectal prostatic biopsy (taking tissue samples from prostate gland) and appropriate imaging (Sonography/CT/MRI/ FDG-PET/PSMA-PET). Once diagnosis of prostate cancer is made then the next step is it’s staging and risk stratification and discussion on treatment options with top Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologists and Urology Oncosurgeons. We have the best cancer specialists near you to give you an expert opinion.

We are amongst the top oncology hospitals in Pune and apart from conventional invasive surgical treatment of localized prostate cancer we provide the best radiation therapy which is non-invasive and highly effective.

Urology Oncosurgeons. We have the best cancer specialists near you to give you an expert opinion.

Radiation therapy is indicated as a definitive treatment across all stages of localized prostate cancer.

adiotherapy sometimes indicated as an adjuvant treatment post surgery. The advantages of Radiotherapy are 1. Definitive treatment 2. Non invasive 3. OPD treatment (no need of any admission) 4. No anaesthesia or surgery complications 5. Low side effect profile.

Now with latest advances in the field of Radiation Oncology with availability of diagnostic quality KVCT image guidance and highly conformal Radiation delivery using high end Rapid Arc technology we have been able to implement moderate hypofractionation protocols in prostate cancer Radiation therapy. It means we could increase dose of Radiation per fraction and reduce number of radiation fractions hence reducing number of hospital visits to almost half. With the latest Ablative Radiotherapy protocols which can be used in Low and Intermediate and sometimes in high risk prostate cancers we can complete the entire course of Radiation therapy in just 5 days as OPD treatment. The oncologic outcomes of these protocols are comparable to surgery. In these SBRT /SABR protocols we deliver highly conformal and high dose of Radiation sparing urinary bladder and rectum. This can be achieved by following strict bladder and rectal protocols during each fraction of Radiation. Prostate gland can move with differential bladder and rectal filling and otherwise also. So to take care of interfraction movement of Prostate gland we do strict daily image guidance using cone beam KVCT and applying 6D couch corrections.

To summarize: Treatment of prostate cancer is very simple and effective if diagnosed in early stages. Ruby Hall Clinic specializes in Radiation therapy for prostate cancer which is highly effective and safe alternative to surgery. SBRT /SABR Radiotherapy protocols has made prostate cancer treatment even easier since it can be done in just 5 days without any hospitalization. High end infrastructure and expertise are needed to follow these intense protocols. All health care professionals should come together to raise the level of awareness of prostate cancer especially in elderly age group so that they don’t ignore the early signs of disease. Visit us at Ruby Hall Clinic for an expert consultation with a cancer specialist in the top 10 cancer hospitals in Pune.