Neuro Oncology

  1. Cancer Centre at Ruby Hall Clinic offers state-of the-art treatment for patients with brain tumours, spinal cord tumors, and neurological complications from Cancer.
  2. Multidisciplinary approach to patient care is provided by skilled & experienced physicians & neurosurgeons.
  3. Our specialists in Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology & Imaging bring their expertise to every case & develop a personalized treatment plan for all our patients.
  4. The Centre is very well equipped with latest advanced CT Scanner, MRI Scanner and PET Scanner for Neuro imaging evaluations & treatment plan.
  5. We have weekly meetings to reviews each patients case to ensure they receive the best care possible.
  6. Neurosurgeries are done in exclusive Neuro operation theatre equipped with state of the art Zeiss Pentero Operating Microscope, Aesculap Drilling Equipment, Medtronic Neuronavigation and Neuromonitoring equipment, CUSA etc.