More than 30 percent Cancer occur in oral cavity and throat. Tobacco in different forms and abuse of alcohol is main reason for the increasing incidence in India. Ruby Hall Clinic, being tertiary care institute and prominent Cancer institute in India, gets large number of oral Cancers. Most of the patients are male and young. Tongue Cancer and oral buccal Cancer is most common in this category. Most of these patients are in curative category but require extensive treatment in the form of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Ruby Hall Clinic is pioneer in aesthetic surgical methods, cosmetically acceptable results with minimal functional morbidity. Free tissue transfer, one of the most important aspect in this surgery is common in Ruby Hall. Oral defects resulting in inability to open mouth and facial disfigurement is avoided by free fibular bone flap molded in the shape of the excised segment of jaw bone and implanted with micro-vascular anastomosis. A further research to insert dental implants in this transferred bone is going on. Image guided radiotherapy resulting fewer complications is giving very good results.

Annually more than 500 patients undergo this surgery at Ruby Hall and remain free of disease.

Post treatment rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy, diet modification advice, dysphagia and speech clinics are available at Ruby Hall.