Stoma Clinic

Many patients undergo ostomy surgery that alters their normal passage of elimination. Abdominal stomas are being constructed with increasing frequency in the treatment of various malignant, congenital, inflammatory and traumatic conditions. The deprivation of normal control and alteration in physical appearance can have profound psychological impact.

The Enterostomal Therapist (ET) provides direct patient care to person with abdominal stomas, fistulas, draining wounds and incontinence, as an educator, consultant and researcher.

With additional knowledge, specific skills and desirable attitudes an ET can be the turning point in the life of an ostomate especially when he is under severe strain and depression. An ET patient can resume his normal activities and regain his self esteem. The life of the ostomate has been vastly improved by technical advancement in surgical techniques, prosthetic devices combined with the development in specialized stoma-care with the five phases of ostomy rehabilitation.