Lung cancer is most common Cancer in males in the world. In India lung Cancer is commonest single Cancer in most of the states surpassing oral Cancer. Cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing is common cause of this Cancer, although more than 40 percent are due to other factors like genetic, environmental etc.

Most of the lung Cancer in India presents in the advanced stage and chemotherapy is only treatment. With the good chemotherapy drugs and targeted treatment average overall survival in this group is increased from 4 months to one and half year. Lung surgery in the form of lobectomy and in some cases resection of bronchial segment to save the uninvolved lung called as sleeve lobectomy is performed.

Due to excellent post surgical support in the form of dedicated intensive care units postoperative management is very satisfactory.

Primary mesothelioma of lung and pleural cavity is rare disease and treatment in some cases in Pleuropneumonectomy. This is probably done only at Ruby Hall Clinic in the state of Maharashtra. This surgery cures patients who have disease limited to only lung on one side. With the boom in constructions incidence of mesothelioma is increasing due to exposure to asbestos in constructions related personnel.