Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is the science of treating and curing Cancer with anticancer drugs. Anticancer drugs are of various types like chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, targeted monoclonal antibodies etc. These act on the Cancer cells to either kill them directly or indirectly. A combined treatment using anticancer drugs along with surgery and/or radiotherapy achieves a greater therapeutic effect.

Ruby Hall Cancer Centre has become one of the leading Centers in western India for detection, diagnosis, treatment and multidisciplinary management of Cancer.

Ruby Hall Cancer Center goes well beyond providing top quality patient care – health education and disease preventoin too are important focus areas for the clinic.

Drug mixing is done at a separately designated area, under laminar air flow, to ensure patient & staff safety to prevent health hazards. In order to make administration of chemotherapy safe and more patient friendly, use of central catheters and ports is a routine in the Department.


Taking a shift from the regular procedures of giving chemotherapy and general drug treatment to any Cancer patient, the high end therapeutic method is the next level of treating Cancer with more personalised drugs. With the help of various investigations, this trend of high end therapeutics that includes various diagnostic tests, and profiling, gives an indication as to whether a particular drug will be beneficial in treating Cancer for a patient and how the body of the particular patient will respond when that drug is administered. This kind of treatment is more focused and personalised and is more valuable in combating Cancer and helping the patient to conquer it more effectively and efficiently.


The Oncology specialists at Ruby Hall Clinic conduct Molecular Profiling and Genetic Profiling using high end therapeutic techniques. Under Molecular Profiling, the Cancer tissue sample collected for biopsy or the patient’s blood sample undergoes molecular biology tests which predict the patient’s chance of responding to Cancer drugs when administered for treatment. Accordingly the treatment is customised to the needs of the patient.


In Genetic Profiling the gene mutation of the cancerous cells are checked to predict whether the patient can respond to a particular drug or not. The genes of the patient will help in judging the effectiveness of a method of appropriate Cancer treatment.

We use this protocol to treat the various types of Cancers such as :

  • Lung Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Lymphomas
  • Leukaemia
  • Head and Neck Cancer


We understand that undergoing chemotherapy is not easy for a patient, given its side effects. Chemotherapy is administered at dedicated short stay Chemotherapy wards with strict protocols of infection control and a warm and cheery ambience, as well as specially trained nursing staff.

The mission of the Cancer Medicine is to eliminate Cancer and allied diseases through integrated programs in patient care, research, education, and prevention. The division is striving to realize this mission every year, as we build strong partnerships with other Cancer Centers nationally and globally to develop more effective therapies that are targeted to each patient’s unique disease profile.