Breast Cancer is one of the few Cancers which is showing a trend of decline from its peak world over. In India the story is different, due to rapid urbanization and multiple socioeconomic factors the incidence of breast Cancer has jumped to number one position Cancer in women in India, surpassing cervical Cancer. Although more than 80 percent patients diagnosed with breast Cancer are cured with modern treatment. Ruby Hall clinic started the endevour of excellence in treatment of breast Cancer quite early. One of the first Center to offer breast conservation surgery in India and amongst very few to offer sentinel node biopsy in 2004. Comprehensive set up of state of the art pathology Department, radiology Department to diagnose early tumours with minimal invasive needle biopsies and treating small non palpable breast Cancer has been a long strenuous journey. Aesthetic results with oncomammoplasty is standard practice at Ruby hall clinic. Free tissue transfer, DIEP Flap, TRAM flap, pedicled flap are done by team of expert senior plastic surgeon trained in USA and UK.

Scientific research and finding new treatment avenues and making the life better for breast Cancer patients is been a constant effort for many years.

Ruby Hall organizes bi-annual international conference to get the experts in the field together to deliberate the best treatment options and is aptly labeled as ‘Recent Trends in Breast Cancer’. Multiple scientific papers are published in international and national journals on novel methods of treatment for breast Cancer. Maharashtra Medical University fellowship affiliated to state government in breast Cancer is started for training young surgeon in this complex field.