Prakash Puramwar, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in 2012. GBM is the most aggressive brain cancer with median survival rate of 12 to 15 months in patients who get surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. His recent reports suggest that after five year post diagnosis, there is no recurrence of tumour

‘Where there is great love there are always miracles,’ mentions the board put outside the Oncology OPD in Ruby Hall Cancer Centre, Pune. “This quote on the board inspired us not to give up on my father’s treatment,” said Amar Puramwar, son of 63-year-old cancer survivor.

When there are handful of cases of survival with this condition going beyond five years, the doctors say that this is a miraculous recovery. When factors like genetic tumour markers influence patient’s response to the treatment, doctors suggest that it is perseverance by the family and patient’s attitude which are also equally important in bringing out miraculous recoveries.

“I still remember the day, when we read the report which showed that my father suffering from cancer in which people survive only for a year. We took him to many neurologists, oncologists in different cities and states in the country. Some doctors treated him some did not give us any hope. But, our family was determined to fight the cancer,” said Amar.

He added, “We followed whatever doctors told us. We took all the care that we could of my father. Cancer is a disease which cannot be fought just by the sufferer; it is the fight of the family. Today, I feel happy, that my father whose health had deteriorated and some doctors also had given up hopes. He is now free of cancer and leading a healthy life.”

Dr Minish Jain, Senior Oncologist at Ruby Hall Cancer Centre,  said “I do not do anything for patient, except guiding them. To all my patients, I say I will guide you about how to run but it is ultimately you who will have to run. I keep on giving them positivity. But, it is ultimately they who will have to show perseverance.”

He further added, “We gave him standard treatment. When he visited me, he was obese. I asked him to reduce his weight and he lost around 20 kgs. I also asked him make lifestyle modifications. Ultimately, when patients decide to fight, miracles do happen.”

Dr Bhooshan Zade, Radiation Oncologist at Ruby Hall Cancer Centre, said “GBM is most lethal brain tumour. Median survival rate with treatment is around one year in this caner. There are many factors like genetic profile of the patient which affects treatment outcome, but we cannot point out a single factor which leads to rare survival outcomes. Patient’s attitude does matter in the treatment outcome.”