Three days after surgery.

I felt I must write and thank you for the care and consideration shown to my wife (Mrs. Martina Hradecka) over the neurological procedure in Ruby hall clinic.

One fine day, my spouse had shocking finding of brain tumor for her headache and posture imbalance symptom in ruby hall clinic, still I remember our first meeting near operation theatre, he agreed to meet on a very short notice and was in his operative dress.

With big smile Dr Ashok greeted us and after taking a glance at MRI scan reports, he confirmed diagnosis, explained different modalities of treatment and gave us best curative option.

Next day ,In OPD consultation he explained everything in simple language, answered all our questions which relieved our anxiety, after seeing his confidence we decided to get operated in ruby hall in following week, otherwise we were thinking to go back to Czech Republic

Times like these are always worrying and stressful, but Dr. Ashok Bhanage’s friendly attitude and professional experience in ruby hall helped make it easier to cope up with.

I would like to mention about Dr. Rahul Sharma, Dr. Naznin Khan, Dr. Mohamad Shoaib (Dr. Ashok Bhanage Team) who understood my anxiety in hospital and answered my queries to my full satisfaction.

I am thankful for the attentive care my wife had at all stages of pre-operative and post-operative period.

I have had nothing other than courtesy, consideration and professionalism from the Ruby hall Clinic at all levels.

Our special appreciation to Dr. Ashok Bhanage, staff Nurses and gratitude to Ruby Hall Clinic for making it successful.

Also thanks to Dr. Manoj Pawar, Chief doctor of VW India for his professional guidance.

I believe Ruby hall provides very professional, state-of the-art treatment and care.